Lynn Lewis part 2

Making Of / 25 April 2023

Here you can find the Behind The Scenes video of the Lynn Lewis Project in Unity3D.


2021 iClone Lip-Sync Animation Contest - (Do Right, Jessica Rabbit)

Making Of / 28 September 2021

So I've changed quite a bit again. I really liked the lighting on the last one so that one is there to stay but will get back in there in a later stage. I started the last hair on 05_Wavy Bob Hair. This is available with the toon But it proved hard to get it right and the mesh is triangulated which made it even more difficult to adjust. This hairmodel comes with the toon figures from Reallusion.

 The hair still bothered me so I went back in to ZBrush. 

Hair is quite difficult but I finally came up with a nice hairdo which is in line with Jessica's original design.

Here are some iteration of the animation and lip synch. Will add some camera editing as well but for the sake of the lip-synch I did it like this for now.

First and automatic.

Refine pass 1

Refine pass 2

I noticed that it is hard work the accu lips on mixed down audio with a lot of noise in it and because it is singing I had to time a lot by hand.


Alien Scout Rift One Development

Making Of / 16 September 2020

Hello world! Yes I am still alive and I want to share some proces on my latest work. So I've been working on this character for Rift One, An indie game currently under develpoment by Data 7. This is the concept I had to work from made by Jimi.

In Zbrush I roughly setup the shape using Zspheres and then got to the dynamesh phase.

When the shape had everything blocked in I did a retopo in c4d.

I do this in c4d because I am quick with the modelling tools but it could be any 3d application. The mesh is really low poly but it has enough support for the overall shape. Once done I brought it back in to Zbrush with UV maps in place.

I did not do any (re)projection and started to work on subdivsion level 2. Level 1 will get deleted because it's to low poly.

I also did a quick polypaint to get and idea of the colors and have a base for the texturing phase.
Here I also started blocking in some elements of the outfit. I currently need to work on those to get the character complete. But for now I wanted to focus on the skin texture in substance painter. So once I had all the details in place I exported the poly paint as textures and setup everything in substance painter.

This was the first setup I've made but I wasn't entirely satisfied. I had to experiment a bit with the best way to get the details from Zbrush in substance painter. In the end I baked the information using a high res model and cleaned up the baked maps.

This is the result so far. The mesh is split up in 4 uv tiles using UDIM.

I also did a quick setup to see if the mesh was ok to rig quickly in Blender using Auto Rig Pro. This went like a breeze and I only had to clean up the weights of the head. 

That's it for now. Next on the list is blocking the outfit and create clean topo for those and texture everything. The character will end up in Unity3D. I hope you enjoyed this quick making of.


Still evil

Making Of / 21 June 2019

Finally found some time setup the shaders in octane.

It is still a little cumbersome to setup but I found this tutorial  which helped me. You have to skip some of the intro which is only links and stuff but in the end he shows a nice shader tree setup in octane what and shows you what to do with the exported maps from substance painter and which settings to use.