2021 iClone Lip-Sync Animation Contest - (Do Right, Jessica Rabbit)

So I've changed quite a bit again. I really liked the lighting on the last one so that one is there to stay but will get back in there in a later stage. I started the last hair on 05_Wavy Bob Hair. This is available with the toon But it proved hard to get it right and the mesh is triangulated which made it even more difficult to adjust. This hairmodel comes with the toon figures from Reallusion.

 The hair still bothered me so I went back in to ZBrush. 

Hair is quite difficult but I finally came up with a nice hairdo which is in line with Jessica's original design.

Here are some iteration of the animation and lip synch. Will add some camera editing as well but for the sake of the lip-synch I did it like this for now.

First and automatic.

Refine pass 1

Refine pass 2

I noticed that it is hard work the accu lips on mixed down audio with a lot of noise in it and because it is singing I had to time a lot by hand.